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Tire Inspection System

Tire Inspection System Tensorflow, Pytorch

Mobile Payment Application

Mobile Payment Application iOS, Android, Xamarin

Project Tracking Application

Project Tracking Application PowerApps, Power Automate, Teams

Google Cloud Platform Solution

Google Cloud Platform Solution GAE, BigQuery, Python 3+


ELK-Based Analytics Solution Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana

ETL Solution for Telecom

ETL Solution for Telecom Apache Spark, Amazon EMR

File Server Triển khai

File Server Triển khai SharePoint Triển khai Tool V2

Online Auction Platform

Online Auction Platform Angular, Android, iOS

IoT for Water Treatment

IoT for Water Treatment AWS, WirelessHART, Spark

Car Dealer Chatbot

Car Dealer Chatbot NodeJS, IBM Watson Assistant

Leave Management System

Leave Management System PowerApps, Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Azure Solution

Microsoft Azure Solution Microsoft Azure, ASP.Net

Gamified Restaurant Giscovery

B2B eCommerce Solution Magento Commerce, WordPress

IoT Application Testing

IoT Application Testing Appium, Selenium, TestNG

Pet Connect

Pet Community App iOS, Ruby on Rails

QA Ecommerce

QA for eCommerce Systems Selenium, Jenkins, NodeJs, Jmeter


Drug Recall Management Ethereum, Solidity


Blockchain for HRM Ethereum, Solidity

MPH Sharepoint

Office 365 Triển khai Office 365, Sharegate

Website Revamp

Website Revamp and SEO On-page SEO, Quảng cáo online

Community Application Realty

Wind Farm IoT Solution Apache Kafka, Spark

Community Application Realty

Community Application for Realty Android, iOS, Drupal, AWS

fleet management

Fleet Management Salesforce Cloud


Veeva CRM Thực hiện Veeva CRM, Tableau

Virtual Store Assistant

Trợ lý mua sắm ảo MongoDB, Firebase, Node

Collaborative mLearning

Collaborative mLearning iOS, Android, SharePoint

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal SharePoint Server 2010

Leveraging Technology

On-Campus Fitness App iBeacon, PhoneGap

Labor Management System

Labor Management System SharePoint, ASP.NET

Website Revamp

Website Revamp Drupal, Apache

Restaurant App

Restaurant App iOS, Android

Online Job Portal

Online Job Portal SmartJobBoard, Zend

Product Viewer 360

Product Viewer 360 HTML5, Symfony2

Mobile Discount Network

Mobile Discount Network iOS, Android, BB, Windows Phone

Equestrian Rescue App

Equestrian Rescue App iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Sức khoẻ App iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Business News App

Business News App Android, BB, Windows Phone

Visually Enhanced Marketing App ElasticSearch, Sencha Ext JS

Web App for Jewelry Companies

Web App for Jewelry Companies ASP.NET, Twitter Bootstrap