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Giải Pháp with Microsoft Technology

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, +84Soft offers clients a set of robust tools clubbed with top-notch technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership represents the highest level of partnership with Microsoft and is a recognition of +84Soft’s wide-ranging experience in providing services, software, and support for Microsoft-based solutions. It also indicates that +84Soft as a business is reliable, experienced, and endorsed by Microsoft.

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, +84Soft also demonstrates an intimate understanding of small business processes with specific expertise in building, customizing, deploying, and supporting IT solutions for small businesses.

84Soft Dịch Vụ Powered by Microsoft

Our technical expertise covers a broad range of Microsoft technologies spanning multiple areas.

Azure Cloud Platform

Whether you want to move your Cơ sở hạ tầng to the cloud, modernize applications, or mine data for insights, the Microsoft Azure platform offers tools to get the job done. The Azure cloud packs numerous cutting-edge resources including NLP and bot-builder tools, TRÍ TUỆ NHÂN TẠO frameworks, and an IoT hub.

We make it possible for businesses to adopt such powerful technologies and build high-performance apps through our Azure consulting and development services. Our cloud experts evaluate and recommend appropriate strategies to migrate on-premises applications as well as build and manage cloud-native applications enabling businesses to deliver highly available and scalable solutions to their customers.

Build Giải Pháp on Azure Platform

Office 365 Development

Modernize yCông Việc Của Chúng Tôiforce with Office 365. Empower them with cloud-connected Công cụ hỗ trợ to see productivity and revenue shoot up. If you are about to migrate to the Microsoft Office cloud, let us help you choose between Enterprise and Business editions and migrate smoothly.

To help you realize the full potential of your Office 365 license, we offer various degrees of consulting, development, and support services. Customize power tools such as SharePoint Online, Power Apps, and PowerBI or integrate Teams and Flows.

Free Tư vấn

Get a free Office 365 licensing assessment on your existing plan. Evaluate your integrations and discover new potential.

SharePoint Tư vấn and Tùy biến

SharePoint is an indispensable document management tool for most enterprises. We will help you get the best out of your implementation. From advisory and configuration support to developing custom features or add-ins, designing workflows, and deploying and managing the server farm with need-based end-user training, we offer end-to-end services on SharePoint.

Migrating between servers and moving on-premises server farms to the cloud involves detailed planning. As your SharePoint consultant, we will analyze, plan, and execute the migration to SharePoint Online or upgrade your SharePoint server to the latest version.

Explore SharePoint Dịch Vụ

Intelligence using Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform with differentiated features. The Professional edition is an enterprise-grade analytics tool with user-friendly interface and exceptional data visualization capabilities.

We work with organizations to turn data into operational intelligence using Power BI. Being part of the Office 365 suite, Power BI can be smoothly integrated with your Microsoft products. Whether it is creating personalized dashboards consolidating information from across the organization or embedding compelling visual reports into custom-built mobile apps, we will help you align the tool with your organizational goals.

Microsoft BI Dịch Vụ

Application Development

Enterprise-grade web apps, content management systems, eCommerce portal with a shopping cart, ERP systems, .NET application migration—our development expertise covers a wide range. As a seasoned software developer and Microsoft partner, we deliver end-to-end solutions on the .NET platform following industry best practices.

ASP.NET Development

UWP Development

For apps that work seamlessly across different Microsoft devices, you will need them built on the Universal Windows Platform. Reach out to our UWP team for high-performance applications that offer exceptional user experience.

Universal Windows Phát triển ứng dụng

For developing end-to-end solutions powered by Microsoft technology,