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Designing Positive User Experience

User Experience Design is about ensuring a great experience for target users while meeting business requirements. Usable, user-centric, self-evident, and meticulously designed applications are sure to bring back investments in multiple ways.

How We Build the User Experience

At +84Soft, User Experience Design (UXD) is a culture practiced by interface designers, developers, and application testers alike. We also have a dedicated team of usability practitioners who actively contribute to ensure a satisfying end-user experience in the applications we create.

UXD at +84Soft is a collaboration of

  • Requirement analysis
  • User research
  • Field studies
  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • User centric designs
  • Usability analysis
  • Remote usability testing using Morae

We start with evaluating the user, his background, and the target environment. Bản thiết kế gốc are built, and storyboards, use cases, and scenarios created to understand users better. Once a design strategy is in place, we move on to organizing the site pages and then to document page layout with low-fidelity Thiết kế . Aesthetics plays an inevitable part in user satisfaction. We indulge users with innovative and elegant visual designs. Usability testing done through the various project phases helps to improve the overall user experience.

A La Carte UX Dịch Vụ

Not looking at a full-blown development project? You can engage our certified usability analysts for review and consulting services too

  • User requirement analysis
  • Conceptual design and wireframing
  • Navigation and consistency testing
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Visual design efficiency testing
  • Pre-launch and post-launch usability analysis
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Remote Usability Testing using Morae